One Million NOTPM DBT2 Benchmark on NuoDB 2.3

Throughout the development of our new Robins release (NuoDB 2.3), we’ve been benchmarking performance against our previous Larks release (NuoDB 2.2). We wanted to demonstrate the improvements to scale-out performance that we’ve been working on for Robins.

To do this we needed a realistic, or at least pseudo-realistic, test of transaction processing to make the benchmarking worthwhile. So we used DBT2 as a credible, public domain scenario (the detail of DBT2 is at the end of this post) and configured it to increase the number of warehouses as the number of clients increased.

NuoDB Robins Release 2.3 is here

We've been busy with Robins aka Release 2.3. We think Robins is important for a number of reasons

NuoDB as a Scale-Out Database

For many organizations, the promise of the cloud is closely connected with the promise of on-demand capacity.

Databases today - especially those seeking to run in a cloud-based environment - need to meet certain characteristics of scale.

Talend Data Integration with NuoDB

In this TechBlog, we will demonstrate how to use Talend Data Integration to create and execute a Talend Data Integration job with NuoDB using Talend Open Studio. Talend’s data integration provides an extensible, highly-performant, open source set of tools to access, transform and integrate data from any business system in real time or batch to meet both operational and analytical data integration needs.

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Applying Application Side Resiliency - A Study Using NuoDB with Mule ESB


We’ve all seen this: The car that won’t start on a cold morning, the air-conditioner that won’t work mid-August. We cope and move on. But in the age of Cloud, when it comes to personal information access, coping can be somewhat more challenging.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of Amazon Cloud failures, their business impact, etc. Just two weeks ago while preparing an application in AWS for a prospect, I was greeted by this web page, downed services, hours before an engagement: