NuoDB 1.2 is Packed with Previews and Fixes

Spoiler Alert!
Details on our next GA release, NuoDB 1.2, follow below. No window dressing, just the facts, so read on...

Our typical development cycle produces 1 "point release" every 3 months, and 2 minor "patch" releases in between. Not so this time around. We found there to be so much in new development that it merited a point designation, skipping a second patch, and the result is a bounty of feature "Preview" goodness. 

For starters, we've made significant progress against our bug backlog, closing well over 200 issuesNote that our new "Preview" offerings are just that - a look at what's coming, a.ka. beta features. These will give you the chance to start using them now, knowing they are far enough along in development to try, but not quite 100% of where we expect to take them.  Some will require a Beta program sign-up for participation, and some you can go straight to download and use now. Here's a list of what's coming:

Tungsten Replication support, now in open "Preview"

Stored Procedures support, offered in "Preview"

  • This will be available in the product as an open preview in the v1.2 package.
  • The current development state, and the syntax, are very much in flight.
  • Duly warned, we are very anxious to receive your feedback, which we expect will have great influence on the final product.
  • This stored procedure preview will work across all of our supported client interfaces.
  • There is particular support at the API level for JDBC, ODBC and .NET
  • Other drivers, such as Ruby, Python, or PHP, reap the benefits of stored procedures by using the SQL call or execute keywords.
  • Go see the details for how it works in our Techblog (to be published shortly) and in the early preview documentation.

Enhancements for SQL and NuoSQL Manager

  • Support importing directly from mysqldump output with mysql dialect mode.
  • Use vertical vs horizontal output modes for better readability.
  • Support for additional SQL math functions.
  • Slow query log enhancements to support explain plan output.

Statistics-Based Index Selection, offered in "Preview"

  • This will be available in the product as an open preview in the v1.2 package.
  • The ANALYZE INDEX/TABLE statements and the OPT_STATS_INDEX system property enable statistics-based index selection in NuoDB's query optimizer.
  • This feature is, again, very much in flight, but we are anxious to receive your feedback.
  • Look for early documentation, and a forthcoming Techblog post by one of our engineers.

.NET Enhancements

  • .NET Mono support is in "Preview" status (another Techblog post to come).
  • Entity Framework enhancements; see the Techblog on this topic recently published by our development partner, Jiri Cincura. 
    • Added asynchronous invocation support; disconnected row sets.
  • Connection pooling support. (*We'll soon get to see Jiri Cincura's work on porting nopCommerce to NuoDB!)

DJango Driver, now in "Preview"

Python Driver, now out of Beta!

  • Look for the official announcement in our Community Forum for details.
  • You will also find further Python detail in our online Documentation.

SQL Explorer Improvements

  • Schema Definition: Now supports the ability to define new schemas, tables, columns, and keys from within the tool via UI gestures.
  • Multi-line statements are now supported in the query window.
  • Look for details in the documentation updated for NuoDB v1.2.

Thanks for taking an interest in the latest developments of our NewSQL database. We encourage you to go for the download as soon as it becomes available! (Hint: have you checked our Download page lately?)


Louie Labayen
Anonymous's picture
I've been waiting a long time

I've been waiting a long time for stored procedures on NuoDB. I am trying to build an extensive manufacturing system on it with all the application logic in the database. This is to achieve security, consistency, performance. So, the features I am looking for in stored procedures based on what I want to achieve are as follows:

1. Security - support for code wrapping, so it won't be visible, and object permissions explicitly granted. The database having the business application logic code within it also means that little or no external code will be passed from external sources, minimizing exposure to external attacks.

2. Consistency - in the age of thin clients and a plethora of mobile devices with continuous version updates, business application logic has to reside in the database, and it has to support very elaborate procedures with very rich functionality in syntax and structure, such as loops and cursors. Having a way to package several procedures and functions together greatly helps in organization and enables declaration of variables global to the package members. Being able to launch other procedures in a multi-threaded way and achieve procedure precedence coordination in memory without having to update a persistent table will be a big plus. My impression is that the CALL and EXECUTE commands pass control to the next procedure and doesn't release control back until it's done. So, a LAUNCH command would be helpful.

3. Performance - let the database do the work. Executing pre-compiled procedures is so much faster than application code being passed on externally. It also ensures the data I/O and processing is done within the database and only the result set is returned to the client application, not the client application processing the data with all the I/O from the database to the client taking place, especially through the wireless connection.

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